Splicing is a key service for construction
and related industries

Services and Bespoke Fabrication

Pipe splicing is one of the key services we offer to our clients in the construction and deep foundation industries.

Welding pipe together to extend the overall length of the pipe pile to a customer’s specification allows us to meet any project needs, from 45’ ft. to 100’ ft. piles. Our certified welders can butt splice, add backing rings, or pipe splicers to splice any size and grade of pipe in inventory to custom lengths.

We understand the essential requirement of splicing pipe piles is for the weld to be strong, with no weak points along the pile and the alignment to be straight. In order to achieve this with each and every spliced pile produced, we utilize:

Our team of experts are well versed in ensuring the structural integrity of spliced pipe. Call them today to discuss your exact requirements.

At a glance

  • Welding by AWS D1.1 certified welders

  • Designed custom welding area

  • Customized welding equipment
  • Documented welding procedures
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