Endformed Driven Pipe Pile Extensions

The Next Generation Of Driven Pipe Piling Connection Solutions

Endformed Connection System John Lawrie Tubulars
  • Endformed Driven Pipe Pile Extensions
  • Endformed Driven Pipe Pile Extensions

Extend pipe piles for driven deep piles

John Lawrie Tubulars introduces the next generation of connection solution for extending pipe piles for driven deep piles. The new Endformed Pipe Pile Extension has been developed through a rigorous Four-step design and testing approach using laboratory testing, structural engineering analysis, field testing, and proprietary manufacturing processes. The patent pending EndFormed Extension is a more cost-effective connection technology compared to currently available technologies.

At a glance

  • Large stock of fully certified and/or repurposed steel tubulars
  • Welding by AWS D1.1 certified welders

  • Patent Pending in USA, Canada and UK

Endformed Driven Pipe Pile Extensions

The Benefits of Endformed Connection SystemTM

  • Efficiency in the field – self-aligning connection, piling rig is not tied up holding extension while field welding

  • Lower cost – the EndFormed connection is the cost of the original pipe compared to the cost of a larger diameter splice coupler and field weld
  • Excellent lateral and moment rigidity created by the secondary “telescoping” of the pile pipe inside the EndFormed extension

  • Hammer energy “locks” the joint and eliminates any hinge point seen in other splicing coupler technologies.
  • No field welding time or cost compared to other splicing couplers

  • No shop welding cost as needed for other splicing couplers

  • No beveling of pipe ends as needed for butt welds

  • Tension resistance is provided without welding – see chart. Testing achieved tension resistance at 45%-50% of the compressive load applied.

  • Safer worksite – no welding, no excess hanging time, self-guiding assembly

  • Multiple wall thicknesses can be endformed to offer design flexibility

  • Cost effective if full tension resistance is needed – the EndFormed connection only requires one field weld compared to a shop weld and field weld for a typical splicing coupler.
  • Patent granted in USA, pending in Canada and UK

John Lawrie Tubulars Endformed Pipe Pile Extension Sizes

Pipe Grades
Diameter (inches) Wall Thickness Range (inches) J55 L80
7.000 0.231 – 0.498 Y Y
7.625 0.300 – 0.500 Y Y
8.625 0.264 – 0.500 Y Y
9.625 0.312 – 0.472 Y Y
10.750 0.279 – 0.495 Y Y
11.750 0.330 – 0.489 Y Y
12.750 0.250 – 0.500 Y Y
13.375 0.330 – 0.514 Y Y
14.000 0.250 – 0.500 Y Y
16.000 0.375 – 0.495 Y Y
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