Endformed Connection System TM

John Lawrie Tubulars has developed a new and patented Endformed Coupler System to extend deep foundations using driven pipe piles and helical piles.

Endformed Driven Pipe Pile Extensions

Endformed Driven Pipe Pile Extensions

Endformed Driven Sleeved Endformed Pipe Pile Extension

Endformed Driven Sleeved Pipe Pile Extensions

Endformed Driven Slip-on Coupler

Endformed Driven Slip-on Coupler

Endformed Helical Pile

Endformed Helical Pile Extensions

John Lawrie Tubulars EndFormed Connection SystemTM

John Lawrie Tubulars introduces the next generation of connection solutions for extending driven pipe piles and helical piles for deep foundations. The new Endformed extensions have been developed through a rigorous Four-step design and testing approach using laboratory testing, structural engineering analysis, field testing, and proprietary manufacturing processes. This patented EndFormed Extension is a more cost-effective connection technology compared to currently available technologies.

Endformed Connection System John Lawrie Tubulars

Benefits of the Endformed Connection System (for driven and helical products)

  • Efficiency in the field – self-aligning connection
  • Lower cost – the EndFormed connection is the cost of 8” of the original pipe diameter compared to the cost of a larger diameter splice coupler or field weld
  • Excellent lateral and moment rigidity
  • No field beveling and welding time or cost compared to other splicing couplers
  • Multiple wall thicknesses (up to 0.500”) can be endformed to offer design flexibility
  • Endformed products available in various yield strengths such as API (J55, L80 and P110), ASTM A252, and ASTM A500
  • Endformed extensions can be fabricated to client provided designs

Four Stage Development Process

Stage 1: Design

The images to the right show the initial assembly where the EndFormed extension is placed over the lead pile section. The initial formed section is 6” – 8” deep to align the extension pile atop the lead pile.

Stage 2: Laboratory Testing

John Lawrie Tubulars performed compression, tension, and bending testing on 5 pipe sizes and 3 grades per pipe size using a 5 million lb press.

Stage 3: Structural Engineering Analysis

Structural engineering, solid modeling and Finite Element Analysis were performed on the five EndFormed extension sizes to correlate theoretical models with the empirical results from testing.

Stage 4: Field Testing

Industry piling and testing contractors were engaged to field test the EndFormed extension solution in soil. PDA and static load testing were performed to confirm load capacities.

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