New Mill Secondary Tubular Products

New Prime Seamless

New mill secondary steel tubular products come with many advantages and are often the preferred option by those who are ‘in the know’. Piling, micro-piling, fencing, signposts, supports, columns, casing, bollards… the list goes on of the many different uses for secondary tubular products in both ERW and seamless, and that’s why we have dedicated a large part of our business to sourcing and supplying this product to the construction industry across America.

When you compare prime steel tubulars to secondary, there’s no real compelling difference when used for applications such as those previously mentioned. The structure, stability and strength of the material is 100% sound and is available in ERW or seamless. The reason it may have become a secondary product is that it has not met the exact requirements of one of the mill’s client orders. It would be a complete waste not to use this perfectly good material.

What are the differences between prime and secondary mill produced steel?
There are three main differences between prime and secondary mill produced steel products that we can see, the first being price. Prime can cost considerably more than secondary, in some cases up to 50% more. Why? Because it has been commissioned with specific requirements and purposes in mind. If you commission anything from scratch it’s going to cost more, but if a product is already in existence the hard work has already been done, you don’t need to pay the manufacturing fees. From a cost efficiency point of view, we couldn’t recommend secondary steel products more.

Aside from the cost though, and on to our second difference between prime and secondary steel tubular products, we are passionate about the reuse and repurpose of steel tubulars because we know the impact this can have on the environment. For every ton of steel reused we see a saving of up to 0.96 tons of CO2. We don’t like to see perfectly good material go to waste, and we don’t want to see raw materials being unnecessarily pulled from our earth’s core. Reuse and recycling have been a cornerstone of our business because it delivers significant environmental and monetary benefits to our customers.

Improving sustainability
A notable shift in focus is taking place around the world to minimise waste, pollution and the consumption of finite resources, improve sustainability, reduce environmental impacts and cut carbon emissions. This has led to the concept of the circular economy growing in prominence. We believe it’s the right thing to do for our customers and for the environment.

Finally, the third reason secondary steel products are a better option than primary is time. The product has already been made, it’s ready to be delivered wherever you need it whenever you need it. There are no lengthy lead times to build into your plan – we have thousands of tons of steel tubulars in our inventory across America ready to go, now. It’s simple – tell us what you need, where you need it and by when, and we’ll sort it for you, hassle free.

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