One of the largest suppliers of steel tubular products in the USA.

John Lawrie Tubulars manufactures a range of equipment in-house to support various aspects of the construction and structural industries.

We have outlined our commitment to supporting these industries by investing in a number of new assets and yard facilities, making us the most valuable one-stop, fully in-house service provider in the US. These facilities also mean we are perfectly positioned to offer services to new clients in the mining, water wells and minerals industries.

Industrial and Commercial

Industrial / Commercial

From new schools to warehouses to hospitals, we’ve been supplying steel tubulars into industrial/commercial projects domestically and globally for over 30 years.



We supply steel tubular products, such as top driven piling, micropile and helical piling to highway/roads/bridges, water supply, and rail network projects.

Marine Industry


We supply a wide variety of steel tubular products across the marine industry, specifically for dock/pier building and shoring.

Multi-family Housing

Multi-Family Housing

Our steel tubular products are fast to install, produce no spill and are manufactured to a high grade of steel that is above industry standard, lending themselves nicely to a wide range of ground conditions.


Our supply of steel tubular products, such as helical, micropile and pipe pile is now being used in wind and solar projects.


Our supply of steel tubular products, such as helical pile, micropile, pipe pile and slotted pipe for use in utilities industry projects makes us one of the largest suppliers of steel goods in the USA.

Geothermal Industry


Similar to downhole oil and gas drilling, our steel pipe can be used for casing geothermal wells drilled to capture the power of geothermal energy.

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