John Lawrie Tubulars USA

North American industry leader in the supply of new prime made and melted USA, mill secondary domestic, and surplus steel tubulars.

Since the early 1990s, we have been North America’s No. 1 steel pipe supplier to the construction industry, specializing in the supply of piling products and related services. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, we produce pipe pile, micropile, helical pile and steel bollards for various industries across America.

What we do

Specialized Steel Tubular Services for the Construction Industry

Piling Products

Piling Products

Our in-house manufacturing operations supply steel piling products of the highest quality, custom fabrication options are available.

Services and Bespoke Fabrication


We also offer a wide range of fabrication services across industrial/commercial, multi-family housing, infrastructure, marine, renewables and utility industries.

Endformed Connection System John Lawrie Tubulars

Endformed Connection SystemTM

John Lawrie Tubulars presents the next generation of coupler systems for extending deep foundation piles (driven and helical).

Our Core Business

We Purchase Surplus Steel Tubulars & Supply them to the Construction Industry

With our extensive international experience in purchasing and supplying new and secondary/surplus steel tubulars, our structure provides our clients and suppliers with the necessary technical and logistical support, as well as the environmental benefits of using surplus steel products.

Vast Inventory

An extensive range of steel tubulars for structural and construction piling uses.

Piling Applications

A wide range of tubing and casing for piling applications.

Extensive Products & Services

From cutting, cleaning and fabrication threading and pipe profiling and more.

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Surplus Steel Tubulars.
100% of the Quality 23.7% of the CO2 impact of new steel.

The results of our Life Cycle Analysis of the repurposing of surplus steel piping, by John Lawrie Tubulars shows that 1 ton of suplus or mill secondary steel pipe has a carbon footprint of 662 kgCO2e per ton (cradle to installation).

By comparison, the new mill pipe procured through distributors has a carbon footprint of 2,800 kgCO2e per ton (cradle to installation).

This means that the John Lawrie tubular products save 2,138 kgCO2e per ton, which is 76.3% of the carbon emissions. In other words, the material carbon footprint of surplus or mill secondary tubular products has 23.7% of the impact of those made from prime steel.

Co2 Savings